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Tashkent Airport

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Services of Tashkent Airport

Packaging desk (twenty-four hours a day)
We recommend you to pack your bags, netbags and rucksacks before check-in your luggage.

Payment for luggage (twenty-four hours a day)
Additional charges are levied on one piece of luggage above 20 kilograms.

Luggage claim area
Luggage is in arrivals lounges against at sight of luggage ticket.

Luggage office (twenty-four hours a day)
You can leave your things in the luggage office for any length of time.

Lost and found (twenty-four hours a day)
If you have lost your things or luggage refer to lost and found office.
phone: 542418

Veterinary control (twenty-four hours a day)
To transport animals by air you have to refer to veterinary control service for appropriate documents.
phone: 591679

Phytocontrol (twenty-four hours a day)
If transporting plants we recommend you to refer to the phytocontrol service where you will be informed about the rules of transporting them.
phone: 591361

Baby care (twenty-four hours a day)

Medical center and invalid service (twenty-four hours a day)
Professional medical help. Medical service officials also assist disabled people.
phone: 551982

Police (twenty-four hours a day)
Report offences against law and order to the local interior affairs department.
phone: 545970

Manager (twenty-four hours a day)

Duty-free shop (twenty-four hours a day)

Restaurant, bar (twenty-four hours a day)

Information (twenty-four hours a day)
You can get all the information on airport services, flights, work schedule and extra services at the information desk.
phones: 066, 549919, 591554, 541489, 504668

Booking office
To make or to cancel reservation, on issues of fares and fare discounts, permission to carry specific types of luggage you can refer to the offices of air companies on the 2 level.
phone: 1333459

Bus stop
Express buses travel back and for the Tashkent airport to metro station every 10 minutes.

Taxi rink

Shuttle minibus rink
The minibuses leave for metro as soon as they are filled.

Parking just opposite of terminal (twenty-four hours a day)

Bank office, ATMs (twenty-four hours a day)
Currency exchange and other banking transactions.

You can use a card to place a local, intercity or long distance call from any telephone. Cards are sold in the Duty Free.

Post office (twenty-four hours a day)

Shops (twenty-four hours a day)

Barber shop (twenty-four hours a day)


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