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Terms of adding site to Web Directory: 

 Please, read carefully the terms of adding site to web directory

1. Web Directory is filled in with sites related to the Republic of Uzbekistan;
2. It is prohibited to add contact information (phone numbers, ICQ, e-mail address, etc.) into the description of the site;
3. It is allowed to add ONLY home page of the site;
4. Every added site should have brief description which reflects its basic content;
5. The description of the site can specify its internal content (sections, topics, etc.);
6. By adding site into the directory, the appropriate section should be chosen. The type of the site and language of its content should be specified;
7. It is prohibited to use HTML tags, and other characters that have no semantic value;
8. It is prohibited to add into directory following sites: 
- calling for aggression, racism and propaganda of the war, including materials which violate the norms of conventional morality and the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
- content of which denigrates the honor and dignity of other persons or organizations;
- description of which has advertising basic(buying, selling, offering);
- containing malicious code that can harm the other users computer;
- the content of the site is missed;
- the development and design of the site is not completed;
- not working or not opening site;
- offer the services of network marketing, business- pyramids, online earnings by clicks.

9. The site is added to the catalog after approval of the administration;
10. reserves the right to edit the filled in description of the site and transfer it to more appropriate section of the directory without the consent of the owner;
11. reserves the right to refuse to add site, without notice, if added site violates any of the term mentioned above;
12. is not responsible for the content and authenticity of the information specified in the site;
13. These rules can be changed without prior notification;

14. If site is in English it must be added to the English version of the directory. It is recommended to add sites in Russian but with English version both to Russian and English versions of the directory. 


Note: By publishing a link to the on your site, being added to the directory, your listing will be published as a “Premium Listing” in the respective directory and highlighted with different color from other sites. The link of the you can copy here:

This is an example of how our link will look on your site: Web Directory of Uzbekistan


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