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 Adding a comment policy

Please, read carefully the terms of adding a comment to web directory

  • Comment is added directly under the site, which you want to express your opinion about. Notification about your comment comes to personal mailbox of administration of the site to which you added the comment.
  • You must enter your name or nickname for your identification (will be published) and your email address (will be hidden);
  • You cannot add identical comments more than one time;
  • Minimum length of comment should be nor less than 10 characters;
  • Comments are moderated by  administration, and if it corresponds to the rules of adding a comment policy, it is published during twenty – four hours of weekdays;
  • Comment can be edited by administration without changing its common sense and logic; there can be corrected only obvious typographical errors.

Comment will not be published if it:

  • Promotes any type of hatred or discrimination on racial, ethnic, sexual, religious and social basics, contains insults and/or threats addressed to specific individuals or organizations;
  • Violates any applicable provisions of law;
  • Distributes personal data of third parties without their consent;
  • Pursues commercial goals, contains spam, advertisements, flood;
  • Contains obscene language and its derivatives, as well as hints on the usage of insulting lexical units;
  • Contains personal complaints, requests and messages about forgiveness or associated with personal situations;
  • Does not contain complete statement;
  • The meaning of the text is difficult or impossible to understand (it is prohibited to add following kind of comments: "+1", ")))", "!!!" and etc.).
  • Contains abstract meaning.
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