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 Uzbekistan: home and family 

This section has compiled sites devoted to home and family and contains internet portals, with information about correct and rational housekeeping and recommendations for resolving home, family and domestic issues. Thus, the Children subsection contains sites entirely devoted to children. Here you will find useful information about childcare, their education and development. Also given subsection collects sites with information for parents, especially moms: all about pregnancy, fetal child development, preparation schools for pregnant women providing necessary knowledge and training skills for future delivery, as well as sites of pre-schools and kindergartens for little children. If you are looking for information about pets and home plants with guidance for their properly care, we recommend you to have a look at the subsection Pets and Plants. If you are fond of cooking, please, check the subsection Cooking where you'll find recipes for the preparation of various dishes, including national cuisine, with advices of the professional cooks. Additionally, for fans of fashion, there is the Fashion and Beauty subsection where they can find the sites fully dedicated to fashion, beauty and style. 

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