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Tashkent Airport

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Visa in Uzbekistan
Import and export of cash foreign currency and goods in Uzbekistan
How to read an airticket

Passengers on international flights have the following free baggage allowances:


Flight to Europe/Asia
Transatlantic flight
First class
40 kg
Business class
30 kg
Economic class
20 kg

No single piece of luggage may weight more than 20 kg or have combined dimensions (height plus width plus depth) of more than 162 cm. Passengers may take hand luggage into the cabin free of charge, as long as it weighs no more than 5 kg. And its dimensions do not exceed 50x40x20 cm.
The following items of unregistered baggage may be taken on board:
radios, televisions, video recorders, calculators, provided that their size does not exceed the allowable dimensions for hand luggage. If the weight and dimensions of such items exceed the limits set, the passenger may, with the permission of the airline, take them into the cabin as registered hand baggage, on payment of an additional sum. Outsize baggage (greater than 162 cm or 20 kg) may only be carried with the prior agreement of the line.
Passengers breaking their journey for more than 72 hours should reconfirm their reservation for their onward flight not later than 72 hours before departure, or in the case of transfer flights, not more than 2 hours after arrival.


Visa in Uzbekistan
Normal passport only. Passport must be valid for period of intended stay and visa required. Visa must be used with in 1 month after issuance date.
- If holding visa, return/onward ticket not required;
- If holding tourist visa, passengers must also hold hotel voucher;
- If visiting relatives, passengers must register with local police. Registration will be strictly checked when leaving Uzbekistan.
Non-compliance with the entry regulations will result in deportation by same airline on first available flight.

Import and export of cash foreign currency and goods in Uzbekistan
The import of cash foreign currency is freely allowed to natural persons will obligatory filling up the customs declarations.
The export of cash foreign currency is allowed:
- to the residents - within the limits of the sum equivalent $1500, over $1500 equivalent up to $ 5000, including traveller's cheques by authority of NBU.
- to non-residents - within the limits of imported currency, according to the customs declaration.
All export cash foreign currency, irrespective of the sum, should be indicated in the customs declaration.

The goods forbidden to export are:
- grain, wheat, rye, barley, rice, corn, buckwheat, bakery product, cattle, bird, meat, tea, spirit, flour, groats, dry milk, sugar, vegetable oils;
- antiquities (on the conclusion of the Ministry of cultural affairs);
- tanning, fur, including astrakhan raw material;
- breakage and waste of non-ferrous metal, cocoons of silkworm, filoselle, silk waste;

The goods forbidden to import are:
Products of press, manuscripts, cliche, drawings, photosnapshots, films, negatives, film- , video- and audio production, recordings, sound materials, directed on having undermined of the state and social order, transgression of territorial integrity, political independence and state sovereignty, propagandizing of war, terrorizm, violence, national exclusiveness and religious hatred, racizm and its variety, and also obscene material.

How to read an airticket
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1. Name of passenger.
Airticket is issued for a definite person.
Changing the name of the passenger is not possible (except for very few and strictly defined instances).
2. Name of the carrier which issued the airticket.
3. Rate of exchange on the day of the ticket issue.
4. Special information connected with the using of airtickets.
5. Date of the ticket issued.
6. Personal number reservation.
7. Name agency issuing the airticket.
8. Travel route.
9. Mandatory airport taxes and fees.
10. Total airticket fare.
11. Form of payment for the fare.
12. Airticket number. The first three digits define the carrier to whom the airticket blank form belongs (e.g. 22-P Lufthanza, 080-LOT, 074-KLM, 008-Delta, etc.). The last digit (the one after the break, shown on this airticket as "5") is a so-called safety figure and is not part of the airticket number.
13. "Fare calculation" - utterly useless information for an "ordinary" passenger.
14. Carrier's code.
15. Flight number.
16. Reservation class. This should not be confused with the travel class: economic, business, first. First class is usually denoted by letters "F" or "J", business class - "C", and other letters, depending on the carrier's requirements, are used to denote the economic class.
17. Date of departure from the airport.
18. Time of departure from the airport.
19. Status of reservation. Usually: ОК/НК – reservation confirmed, RQ/HL – waiting list/request for a seat.
20. Code of the applied tariff.
21. Ticket validity.
22. Norm of free baggage carriage for the stated class of service.

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